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    Optimum space maximization. In today's competitive marketplace, because office space is at a premium, maximizing it's potential is a key factor. Thin Line 2000 products combine the ultimate in space savings design with the latest in modular technology to provide optimum filing and storage flexibility. Thin Line 2000 uses modular units with high capacity tiers which can be simply rearranged or increased at any time. Units may comprise any number of tiers of common depth, available with or without doors, that can be added at the time of purchase or later should the need arise. The days of oversized filing cabinets has diminished. Thin Line 2000 impeccably utilizes its 1/8th inch shelf profile to provide (7) shelves where competitors still only offer (6). This results in 16% more capacity in a design which is ultimately more functional, more versatile and more records management oriented.

    The Welded-Divider System works effectively as a unit, or as a series of modular units. Available in both twenty-four and thirty-six inch widths, it features such accessories as magnetic dividers and reference shelves. Constructed from high quality (furniture) steel, it is available in eighteen standard, electrostatic powder coated paint colours. Drive rivet installation and tier interlocking design provide durability and strength, making Thin Line 2000 an indispensable investment in multimedia storage.

    Cost Effective

    Imagine the space you can save by positioning your Thin Line 2000 units two or three deep! The lateral mobility of Thinline's Roll-Away system does exactly that and in a fraction of the space you would normally use with so many units.

    A highly durable track and anti-tip system allows for the movement of your Thin Line 2000 units with ease in combinations which provide quick, convenient and safe access. The track adds only four inches to your unit's height (plus the anti-tip) and easily spans even and uneven surfaces due to levelling domes, which levelled onto the floor. Doors can be installed at time of purchase or later if the need arises. Thin Line 2000 truly is truly considered an industry leader in flexibility and mobilility.

    Space Saving

    Because Thin Line 2000's floating aisle system glides so smoothly, it may well be floating air. The units move back and forth on low profile, half inch tracks, specifically designed with anti-tip and anti-drift features for maximum safety.

    Mini-Storage Aisles are available in thirty-six inch square modules that ride on levelling dome bases, either in three foot depth rows, or the tandem six foot configuration. For Larger systems with carriages up to twenty-one feet long the "Manual" or "Mechanical Assist" systems offer the best solution for high density filing needs. Featuring variable ratio gearing options for easier access to heavier loads, the systems are mounted onto tracks secured directly to the floor. Expansion capabilities are readily possible due to the modular design of both the carriages and the track.

    The Thin Line System Space/Capacity Comparison

    One 7-tier Thin Line unit has capacity equal to three four drawer cabinets and uses space equal to one four drawer cabinet.

    Thin Line 2000:
    Capacity: 21 ft.
    Space Used: 8.5 sq. ft.
    Four Drawer Cabinet:
    Capacity: 21 ft.
    Space Used: 24.75 sq. ft.

    System weight requirements, building floor load ratios, and flooring type will vary with each application. In some instances, weight imposed by the mobile system may exceed the design load of the floor. Crown shall not determine whether a high density mobile storage system is suitable for installation on a particular floor. This decision shall be the responsibility of the structural engineer.

    Thin Line 2000® is a registered trademark of Spacefile International Corp.

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