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  • Lektriever® Series 2000

    Need to store a wide range of material in one unit?

    Lektriever allows you to mix and match a wide range of carrier designs within one unit to accommodate almost any storage need. Multiple units can be interfaced, allowing batched pulls from different units.

    Lateral Shelf Files Hanging Files Pull-Out Drawer
    Medical Records Small Parts C.Ds

    • Police Evidence
    • Letter Tray Files
    • Mail Sorting
    • Pathology Slides
    • Forms and Publications
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Biotech/Research
    • Voter Registration Cards
    • Election Binders
    • Lab Samples
    • Microfilm/Microfiche
    • Optical Lenses


    Electronic Controls are easily accessible from the front and are equipped with EMI filters for protection against static.

    Included at no additional charge, the built in fluorescent lighting system is activated automatically when the "ON" key is pressed.

    A redundant safety system of upper and lower infrared beams and upper and lower mechanical safety bars prevents damage to stored items. Safety beams tested and verified each time the machine is turned on.

    Optional powered door can be set to open automatically when unit is started.

    A key lock is standard on both powered and pull-down doors.

    The system moves directly to the selected carrier when started, with no cycling or initialization time required.

    Lektriever's exclusive operator console is the only standard-priced control system in the industry offering a two-line informational display. When inter-faced to a PC, the display identifies the next file or item to be removed or replaced.

    When any of the safety systems are activated causing the machine to stop, the console displays a text message identifying the safety breach.

    Unlike other systems in which imbalance occurs without warning, Lektriever prevents the possibility of carrier imbalance by providing text and audible warnings when the unit reaches 80% of capacity. The console will automatically display the range of carries requiring weight adjustment.

    Are you tired of searching for files?

    If so, Lektriever's 32-bit Information&Materials Management System software is the perfect solution. Unlike other vertical carousel systems, the Lektriever is fully interfaceable to a personal computer without expensive upcharges. Lektriever's IMMS software (provided at no extra charge with the purchase of an interface converter) allows you to use a computer to "drive" the Lektriever with accuracy and control:

    Do you need to keep track of stored material?

    Is what you're storing vitally important?

    If so, Lektriever offers the perfect solution. Hundreds of companies rely on Lektriever solely for its security features to protect sensitive electronics, drugs and pharmaceuticals, optical products, police evidence, computer disks, irreplaceable documents, etc.

    Kardex®and Lektriever® are registered trademarks of Kardex Systems, Inc.

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