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  • Ten Colour Unit Control Plan

    A Colourful, Numeric Filing Alternative From Kardex

    TCUCP (Ten Colour Unit Control Plan) is ideal for large, active files. It eliminates misfiles and speeds filing and retrieval by capitalizing on the optical advantages of colour.

    Easy-to-Learn Numeric Arrangement Simplifies Filing Processfolder

    Each TCUCP file folder has three groups (blocks) of numbers; for example, 18-10-67. These three blocks indicate : folder group (last block), colour (middle block), and location (first block). By using these blocks as guides, you can quickly and efficiently locate desired folders. Likewise, you can quickly locate and replace out-of-file folders.

    Bright-Coloured Folders

    Numeric Folder Blocking

    ...aids file identification and prevents misfiles. Identifying primary folder groups TCUCP is quick and easy. Each TCUCP folder has two series of boxes (or scales) printed on its edge. These scales, numbered 0 through 9 , allow you to block out the last to digits in the folder number (the primary number). When the same primary number on a group of folders is blocked out, two solid black lines are formed. If a folder is improperly filed, the solid line will be broken, indicating a misfile.

    File Balance Facilitates Expansion

    Backshifting and rearranging folders is never needed with TCUCP. That's because file folders thin-out or fill-up evenly throughout a file section at all times.

    TCUCP Flexibility Permits Customization

    TCUCP can be used in the file equipment that meets your specific needs. Your Crown representative will survey your needs to determine the system that's best for you. TCUCP is particularly useful in settings where filing is done by numbers; for exaple, banks, government offices, and insurance companies.

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