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  • Overview of FileOnQ

    Despite Business Week's 1975 prediction of a totally paperless office, the amount of paper being generated per worker has actually doubled. In addition, most operations must contend with a growing amount of electronic documents such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, images, and multimedia files.

    FileOnQ's content collection management software, with its intuitive and simple interface, provides managers instant control of the mountains of paper, and the knowledge workers access to information they critically need. It can manage both physical and electronic content while maintaining the unavoidable relationship between them. FileOnQs solution bridges the gap between paper and electronic documents.

    FileOnQ is a multi-tier distributed solution that includes a desktop client, a Web browser client, and backend services. These work in concert to provide local users publishing and management capabilities and remote users viewing and requesting features via secure Internet/Intranet connections.

    Using the patent-pending Profiler Technology, the solution can be customized to address your specific business requirements and processes literally in minutes. In addition, add-on modules provide such features as Box and Document tracking, Retention management, Document imaging, and Web access.

    Content Collection Management

    Document Management solutions in general offer extensive document capture, storage, and retrieval features. These solutions often treat the Document as a business transaction that can live on its own, isolated from other documents in the system. This is one of the major weaknesses exhibited by document management solutions.

    In reality, a Business Transaction is a collection of meta-data fields, such as customer name and address, that describe the transaction and its context, and one or more documents that are produced in the process of executing the transaction.

    FileOnQs unique approach allows the user to identify and assign document types to specific types of records so that a process validation can be achieved. Record content collection is maintained to reflect true business processes and rules.

    FileOnQ's Solution is Barcode-Based

    FileOnQ manages records, boxes, documents, and locations using barcodes. Barcodes provide quick, key-less, and error-free retrieval and transfer capability to the user. They also enable our Document Imaging module to automatically index and store scanned documents. Our solution supports both attached and portable barcode scanners to make data management more efficient and accurate.


    There are many benefits to a FileOnQ solution, including the following:

    For organizations considering adopting content management and/or document imaging technologies, FileOnQ's phased approach offers a scaleable, affordable, and cost effective solution.

    Optional Modules


    The Retention module allows for unlimited number of retention codes to be established for record types. Included in the guidelines are the description, review date and destruction date. Enhanced reports are also provided to help manage these retention schedules.

    Box Tracking

    The Box Tracking module tracks the movement of records stored in storage/archive boxes. When a box is transferred, all records in that box are automatically recorded as transferred with the box. Box Tracking provides a cost effective way for organizations to track and retrieve individual records stored in boxes no matter where they are located.

    Document Collection Tracking

    We do not believe that documents live on their own; rather, documents live within the context of a business process/transaction.The Document Collection module allows users to define and monitor the collection of document sets within a business processes. With the bundled eDocs module, users are able to link electronic files (Word, Excel, PDF, MIDI, AVI's, WAV, etc) and images to documents within a record. These electronic documents become available to all authenticated users.

    In addition, the product can automatically create unique document barcodes to facilitate tracking of document receipts and aid the imaging module in indexing and storing scanned documents.


    FileOnQ's solution is built on the Microsoft Operating System platform, utilizing proven methods and technologies. The solution's multi-tier nature allows for single server implementations in smaller environments, hence reducing cost and administrative effort. However, it also provides the ability to distribute its components onto several servers that share the load to improve performance in larger environments. This architecture provides a solution that can scale to different environments.

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